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Why we keep choosing the wrong partners

Are you constantly choosing the wrong partner? Counseling in Sydney can help. Do you find yourself constantly drawn to the same type of partner? Are you often attracted to relationships that are not good for you?

Do you see the same patterns repeating themselves?

If you want to stop the repetitive self-destructive patterns, and learn how to develop healthy relationships, Dr. Ileana Hatton can help.

Break out of old patterns

Many times, relationships develop completely unconsciously. Before you know it, you are already committed and deeply involved.

Over time, you may start to notice a clear pattern in your romantic relationships. Many people can relate to being attracted to partners that are not necessarily good for them, can you?

Why repeat the same patterns over and over, until finally realizing it isn’t working? You can break the cycle.

Why we keep attracting the same type of partner

Chemistry, although an integral component, can also cause you to pursue a relationship that is not healthy, and even harmful.

We seem to be unconsciously drawn to people who trigger our deepest childhood issues, giving us the opportunity to heal those wounds.

We are attracted to what is familiar, causing us to repeat unhappy childhood cycles.

Many of us have the tendency to repeat difficult and painful patterns from our past, in our present lives.  If we don’t confront the issues properly, we will find ourselves in the same cycle of bad and unhealthy relationships.

Take control of your relationships

Dr. Ileana Hatton will teach you how to break out of the negative patterns you have created in choosing a partner. You will learn effective techniques to identify the patterns you get locked into, empowering you to choose a partner that will be a good match for you.

In counseling with Dr. Ileana Hatton, you will be able to recognize the danger signals that may be found in choosing partners.

You can take control of your relationships by not allowing your childhood experiences or past relationships to determine your current relationship.

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