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Are you sabotaging your relationship?

Are you pushing your partner out of your life? Do you have trouble opening your heart and being vulnerable in your relationship? You can learn how to stop sabotaging your relationship.

Why is is that so often, our relationships slip through our grasp, as we desperately try to make sense of our latest romantic failure?

Don’t allow your past to hurt you

Often, we are the ones putting the breaks on our own relationships. As adults walking into any relationship, we could be carrying all sorts of baggage that causes us to sabotage our own success.

If we have been hurt, cheated on, or rejected, in past relationships, we unconsciously decide not to fully invest in the current one. We may build walls around our heart, not allowing for emotional intimacy, driving a potential partner away.

Sometimes, it is our own insecurities and beliefs, that make us feel unworthy of our partner’s love. If you undervalue yourself, you may undermine your partners romantic gestures. In this case, you become your own worst enemy. As a result, you may be self-sabotaging your relationship

Unfortunately, there are no shortage of causes, conscious or unconscious, that impact our ability to sustain a strong relationship.

Give yourself a chance

Who doesn’t want a rich, satisfying and long-lasting relationship?

If you are having trouble building and maintaining a strong relationship, it may be time to take a long deep look inside yourself.  Dr. Ileana Hatton can help you uncover the reasons you may be pushing away the relationship of a lifetime.

Dr. Ileana Hatton can help you break out of negative thoughts and patterns that are blocking your way to emotional intimacy. Together, you will learn how to break down the walls, truly value yourself, and realize you are worthy of a strong, healthy and happy relationship.

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