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What to expect in therapy with Dr. Hatton

Clinical psychologist in Sydney, JerusalemTherapy with Dr. Hatton will be based on your individual challenges and your goals for therapy. Therapy is a safe place to grow and be heard. Dr. Hatton is a gentle therapist and creates a safe environment where you can talk about anything without judgement.

In general, Dr. Hatton will help you to identify problematic patterns in your life, and work with you to change thinking and behaviour that is holding you back. Together, we will work to learn the origins of your problems and how to use new techniques to change your life for the better.

The most beneficial part of therapy will be when you use new techniques and tools to change your behaviour and live the life you want. This is the hardest part of therapy, but also the most rewarding.

The more you participate in the process the better results you will achieve. The ultimate purpose of therapy is to help you and support you as you use the tools that you learn in therapy in your life.

Remember, you can change! You can make an improvement in your life!

How fast will I experience relief?

For some issues, you can often meet your goals in 12-15 sessions. At the end of this period, you will graduate from therapy. Many clients experience radical improvement in this time for issues such as panic disorder, anxiety issues, and mild depression.

If you have underlying issues, it will usually take 6-12 months for you to develop the resources to see change. We will anticipate a program of six months, and then reassess the best way forward together as we see how you improve.

To consolidate change it may take up to two years depending on how rapidly you are able to marshal your internal resources.

The pace of progress in therapy is individual, and the biggest factor is YOU

The more that you are committed to change, the faster you will be able to progress.

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