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Dr. Hatton’s humanitarian work

I joined Medecin sans Frontieres (MSF) or Doctors Without Borders, Australia, in 2010 motivated by my belief that every person, regardless of race, religion, or gender deserve equal access to mental health services. I have now finished three missions with MSF, 2 in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and 1 in Deghebur, Ethiopia, near the Somali border.

Humanitarian work is very important to me. To me my work in providing mental health care to conflicted or disadvantaged communities offers the affected people not just a safe place to speak, and unconditional emotional support but more importantly their right of freedom of choice in deciding what health care they want for themselves. During this work I have provided one-to-one therapy with adults, couples, families and children, supervised mental health teams and written and designed trainings programs rolled out in hospitals and relevant legal and social institutions. This work has provided me with invaluable skills to work cross-culturally with people from very different backgrounds and beliefs.

I have been interviewed and have written about my experience in these regions and was recently profiled in MSF’s donor magazine (Feb, 2013).

In 2014 I returned to Sydney from a tour in Jerusalem, in which I provided therapy in Jerusalem and therapy in the West Bank.  I remain at the service of my Jerusalem clients through online therapy appointments.

Dr. Ileana Hatton is a clinical psychologist in Sydney and Jerusalem. She can help you. Click on the article to read a recent profile of my work in Medecin sans Frontieres’ donor magazine ‘The Pulse.


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