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Stopping destructive patterns of behaviour

Do you struggle with managing your emotions and controlling anger? Do you repeat destructive patterns of behaviour in your relationships? Treatment with Dr. Hatton can help. Dr. Hatton can work with you to understand your behaviour and to create lasting and healthy relationships. Together with Dr. Hatton, you can gradually transform yourself to achieve all your wellness goals. In therapy, you will develop coping skills and learn behavioural techniques that will empower you to overcome disabling symptoms and dysfunctional patterns.

Accept your behaviour and make a change

Therapy can help you learn to accept uncomfortable thoughts, behaviours, and feelings. After learning acceptance and validation, change becomes possible, and you can set goals with Dr. Hatton for what you wish to transform in your life. You will learn to confront the thoughts and motivations behind your behaviours and make the necessary changes that will improve your quality of life. Therapy works to establish a balance between change and acceptance, enabling you to validate your thoughts without acting upon them. You will be encouraged to break out of destructive patterns and make positive and life-supporting choices.

Therapy as a complement to medication

If you are being treated with medication, therapy combined with drug treatment can be the most useful approach to getting help and finding relief. Dr. Hatton can coordinate with your psychiatrist or doctor over the course of treatment with your consent.

Get Help Today

Therapy with Dr. Hatton aims to help you reach your goals so that you can live a meaningful and productive life. Contact us today to explore how she can help you. Just call, or fill in the contact form and click Send. Find out more about personality disorder treatment with Dr. Hatton.