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Counselling for PTSD and Trauma

Psychological and emotional trauma can be caused by a single experience or ongoing, repeated exposure to stress. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a normal reaction to an abnormal event, experienced by one in three people who live through a traumatic event. Counselling for PTSD can help.

When coping with trauma interferes with your everyday life, it is time to get help. You can make a change to create a better life.

Why Seek Counselling for PTSD and Trauma

Traumatic events are experiences where the person watched or as personally exposed to death or injury or threat of these things. Some examples are: car accidents, domestic violence, sexual violence or abuse (as a child), natural disasters (earthquake, hurricane, flood).

After a traumatic event, you may find yourself feeling numb, disconnected, or unable to trust. You may experience upsetting emotions such as anger or anxiety, or a constant feeling of danger. You might have frightening flashbacks or nightmares.

Have you tried to deal with these feelings through substance abuse or risk taking? Perhaps your relationship with your family has been affected by your changed behaviour. Or, perhaps you feel worried you’re never able to sustain a relationship. These challenges are often related to trauma.

You don’t have to face the symptoms of trauma alone. Whether the symptoms of your trauma are recent or for many years, Dr. Hatton can help you recover from trauma and regain control over your life.

Trauma Counselling with Dr. Hatton Can Help

In trauma counselling with Dr. Hatton, you will get help for your individual symptoms so that you can lead a safer and healthier life.

Therapy is not just talking about your experiences, Dr. Hatton uses many approaches to help you process your experiences and recover so that you are feeling back in control. Dr. Hatton will aid you in developing a toolkit that you can use to help you get through your day while remaining calm, regaining feeling, and experiencing your life again.

Dr. Hatton will accompany you through the stages of recovery from trauma. From re-stabilizing yourself, to processing your trauma, to rejoining your regular life with friends and family, Dr. Hatton will respond with warmth and compassion while providing support for you.

Dr. Hatton will listen to you and work together with you in achieving your goals and reclaiming your life in therapy for PTSD and trauma.

Counseling for PTSD and Trauma in Sydney and Jerusalem

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