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Stop having the same fight

Do you and your partner have the same argument over and over? Are you constantly fighting over the same things? Is your relationship caught in a downward spiral that doesn’t seem to end?

If your relationship is stuck in a pattern of negative communication and endless fighting, Dr. Ileana Hatton can help.

You can learn new communication skills, bringing love, warmth and empathy back into your relationship.  [Read more…]

Are you sabotaging your relationship?

Are you pushing your partner out of your life? Do you have trouble opening your heart and being vulnerable in your relationship? You can learn how to stop sabotaging your relationship.

Why is is that so often, our relationships slip through our grasp, as we desperately try to make sense of our latest romantic failure? [Read more…]

Why we keep choosing the wrong partners

Are you constantly choosing the wrong partner? Counseling in Sydney can help. Do you find yourself constantly drawn to the same type of partner? Are you often attracted to relationships that are not good for you?

Do you see the same patterns repeating themselves?

If you want to stop the repetitive self-destructive patterns, and learn how to develop healthy relationships, Dr. Ileana Hatton can help. [Read more…]

Stopping destructive patterns of behaviour

Do you struggle with managing your emotions and controlling anger? Do you repeat destructive patterns of behaviour in your relationships? Treatment with Dr. Hatton can help. Dr. Hatton can work with you to understand your behaviour and to create lasting and healthy relationships. [Read more…]

Counselling for PTSD and Trauma

Psychological and emotional trauma can be caused by a single experience or ongoing, repeated exposure to stress. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a normal reaction to an abnormal event, experienced by one in three people who live through a traumatic event. Counselling for PTSD can help.

When coping with trauma interferes with your everyday life, it is time to get help. [Read more…]

The Knicks Improve With Mindfulness Training – Can You?

Basketball mindfulness training

If mindfulness training can help NBA players, can it help you?

Phil Jackson, the president of the New York Knicks, announced that he has hired someone to put the Knicks through mindfulness training this season.

Jackson explained the reasoning behind this decision to ESPN:

We’re about action; we’re about this intense activity that we’ve got to get after. And this mindfulness is about sitting still and being quiet and controlling your breath and allowing you to be in the moment, and yet it’s so vital for a team to have this skill or players to have this skill. To be able to divorce themselves from what just happened that’s inherent to them –– a referee’s bad call, or an issue that goes on individually or against your opponent. You’ve got to be able to come back to your center and center yourself again.

[Read more…]