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Food to improve low mood

Food to improve mood in Sydney, AustraliaThere are those times in life when we just feel down. Sometimes it’s a few days, sometimes it can be a painful pit of blackness that seems to drag on forever.
There are three major neurotransmitters (i.e. brain chemicals) which play the central role in creating depressed feelings. Knowing which chemicals are out of balance can help determine what food to improve low mood you can choose to maximise nutritional benefit to lift your mood and get back to your balanced and best self! [Read more…]

Food and the winter blues

Bare trees reflected in riverIt’s winter but here at the Gentle Psychologist, we’re as busy as ever. And, with the winter blues coming on, we’re ready to help.

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Do you feel that you are developing a case of the winter blues? Is your mood trending down as the weather gets colder and the days become shorter? [Read more…]

How food affects your mood

food affects your mood. dietary advice and therapy in Jerusalem, SydneyDid you know that the foods you are eating affect not only your body but also your brain?

The chemicals in our brain (neurotransmitters) rely on fuel they get from certain nutrients to allow us to remain calm under stress, efficiently solve problems and control and re-balance our emotions when difficult life events hit.

Dr. Hatton can suggest dietary changes to help you feel better physically and mentally as a complement to therapy. [Read more…]