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Are you afraid of panic attacks?

strop panic attacks in Sydney, Jerusalem with therapy wit Dr. Hatton.Did you have a panic attack that come out of nowhere? Did you think you were crazy or dying only to be told by a doctor that it was panic or anxiety?

If you are you avoiding meeting people, driving, or work in fear of another panic attack hitting you, it is time to get help.

Experiencing a panic attack can be very scary. Worrying about when the next attack may happen can really disrupt your life!

If you have panic attacks or fear an attack coming on, you may be suffering from a condition called panic disorder. While  panic attacks can seriously limit your quality of life, treatment for panic attacks can be very effective.

The goal of treatment is to eliminate all of your panic attack symptoms. With effective treatment, most people are eventually able to resume everyday activities.
— The Mayo Clinic

If you find that anxiety about panic attacks is holding you back, call Dr. Hatton for help. Dr. Hatton can help you cope with anxiety and stop your panic attacks. Sometimes panic attacks or anxiety are arising from a deeper trauma. If you are dealing with trauma, Dr Hatton can help.

Stop panic attacks

The first step in learning to stop panic attacks is to discover what triggers panic attacks. Therapy can help you learn how to be more relaxed and calm as you identify what causes your panic attacks and how to prevent another attack from occurring.

In therapy with Dr. Hatton, you will learn practical techniques and tools to help you be calm when you are feeling really anxious.

Take back control of your life

Get help and stop living in fear of panic attacks. Dr. Hatton can help. Call today or just fill out the form and click Send.