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  • Stopping destructive patterns of behaviour

    Do you struggle with managing your emotions and controlling anger? Do you repeat destructive patterns of behaviour in your relationships? Treatment with Dr. Hatton can help. Dr. Hatton can work with you to understand your behaviour and to create lasting and healthy relationships.

    Stopping destructive patterns of behaviour
  • Counselling for PTSD and Trauma

    Psychological and emotional trauma can be caused by a single experience or ongoing, repeated exposure to stress. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a normal reaction to an abnormal event, experienced by one in three people who live through a traumatic event. Counselling for PTSD can help. When coping with trauma interferes with your everyday life, it is… [more]

    Counselling for PTSD and Trauma
  • How Can I Cope With Sadness?

    Do you have trouble getting up in the mornings? Are you crying more than you used to? Do you have trouble enjoying what once brought you pleasure? Has your life lost its meaning or is it hard to enjoy life? If any or some of these statements ring true

    How Can I Cope With Sadness?
  • Why Do I Feel So Stressed Out?

    Do you find yourself feeling so stressed out all the time? Do you find yourself worrying about every little thing? Do you struggle getting to sleep or even wake up in the night thinking about problems or planning the future? Do you often feel tired or exhausted? Are you fighting more often with your partner?… [more]

    Why Do I Feel So Stressed Out?

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Therapy with Dr. Hatton will be based on your individual challenges and your goals for therapy. Therapy is a safe place to grow and be heard. Dr. Hatton is a gentle therapist and creates a safe … [Read More...]

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Dr Hatton is a clinical psychologist with 8 years of diverse experience working in Australia and internationally in the Middle East, Africa and India. She works from a holistic approach, integrating … [more]